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Tours of the USS Melbourne...

--- Bridge ---

Hello, and welcome to our tour of the Bridge. Above, you see a full color illustration of the Bridge. Though most Nebula-class starships have more compact module, the Melbourne has been equipped with an advanced Galaxy Bridge. This allows for more space and easier operation of the ship. Now, onto our detailed tour.

First off, take notice of the central chairs. In the center, the CO sites, to his right, the Executive Officer, and to his left, the Second Officer or Chief Intelligence Officer. The seats here have each been equipped with arm panels, which allow for quick sensor confirmation, or shipwide communication.

In the front of the Bridge are two stations. The first is on the right, which acts as the Operations station. The left station, is the Conn, or Helm as many refer to it as. This is where all flight commands are entered to maneuver and pilot the massive starship.

On the side walls can be found two stations. The left station is the Science station, and the right acts as an Engineering station where the Chief Engineer can place himself at any time, leaving the Assistant Chief in charge of Engineering directlly.

The arc that is located behind the central seats, is the Tactical and Security management station. All weapon control and Security operations take place here.

The aft wall has a variety of stations that can all be altered for whatever purpose. Many times they are used to coordinate fighter or Marine operations.