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Welcome to our application page. You're making an excellent decision by joining the Melbourne, just make sure you've read over all of our Regulations before applying.
1. The application must be filled out completely. If it is not, it will be automatically denied.
2. By filling out this application you agree to obey the USS Melbourne
's rules as well as Bravo Fleet's.
3. You MUST be 13 years or older to join!
Fill out this application fully before sending it in. 
4. Copy and paste this form into your email and send it to Sumpter_214@hotmail.com Make sure to make your application as detailed as possible, as it will determine your rank and whether you receive the position you desired. Please keep in mind that I may ask you to attend Bravo Fleet Fleet Academy.

All fields marked with a * are required!

Personal Information

* Real Name:
* Real Age:
* E-Mail Address:
* AIM Screen Name:

Position Information

* Desired Position:

Character Information

* Character Name:
* Character Species:
* Character Gender:
* Character Birthday (Currently 2380):
* Character Age:
* Character Birthplace:
* Character Height (feet/inches):
* Character Weight (pounds):
* Hobbies: 

* Languages Spoken:

* Known Family:

Please put the service record in the following format: Dates (the current year is early 2380) - Ship (Rank / Position). Example: 2378-2380 - USS Aquarius-B (Rear-Admiral / Commanding Officer)
NOTE: Any ranks included in your service record will in no way affect what rank you receive on the USS Aquarius, so be prepared to change that information if needed. For the purposes of applying, assume a rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade for Department Heads, Ensign for all other Officer positions and Petty Officer Third Class for an Enlisted Position.
* Character Service Record:

* Character Biography (500 word min):

* Personality:

* Extra Notes:

Experience/Post Sample

* List all Star Trek SIM's you have been a member of, including CO's e-mail when possible:

* Please reply to the situation below the same way you would if you received your desired position. (300 word min)

It's 0300 hours in the morning and you're in a deep sleep. Suddenly, the Red Alert klaxons sound, and the CO comes over the comm, "Red Alert! All hands to battlestations!"