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History of the USS Melbourne

The Melbourne has an illustrious history, that I will outline to the best of my ability here. Currently, you are visiting the Third Melbourne to travel the galaxy, embarking upon Scientific, and combat missions. The Melbourne has had two past forms, the Melbourne, a Defiant-class starship, and the Melbourne-A, an Ambassador-class starship.

The USS Melbourne NCC-65642

The original Melbourne, a Excelsior-class starship had a long run under the command of Captain Jeremy Scott. Captain Scott was an exemplarily Commanding Officer, and managed his starship with completely perfect articulation. The Melbourne was a highly decorated starship, and was entrusted with multiple high leveled missions. However, at Wolf 359, the Melbourne engaged the Borg along with the rest of the fleet. The vessel fought valiantly, but in the end, the attempts proved futile and the Melbourne, her crew, and the force defending against the Borg, we're destroyed. The loss of this starship, as well as the force accompanying it, was a severe blow to the Federation. However, this was not the end of the Melbourne...

The USS Melbourne NCC-65642-A

The second run of the Melbourne, was an Ambassador-class starship, under the command of Commodore Jessica Fox. The Melbourne was a respected vessel, and fought bravely through many battles. The softer side of this Melbourne, was the many peace missions she participated in. However, this was during the time of the Dominion War, peace was fragile throughout the galaxy. The Melbourne was sent out on a peacefully mission into Dominion space, to initiate negotiations, when it was ambushed by a squadron of Jem Hadar Fireflys. The Melbourne fought bravely, but in the end, the fight was futile. The ship had sustained severe damage, but as the battle neared it's end, the USS Broadway, a Galaxy-class vessel conducting intelligence operations, moved in to rescue the Ambassador-class cruiser. Much of the crew was saved, but the Melbourne was lost, along with her CO, whom went down bravely with the ship.

The USS Melbourne NCC-65642-B

The Melbourne-B is the current run of this illustrious starship. The newest addition to the Melbourne family is a Nebula-class starship under the command of Commander Alex Sumpter. Her future is limitless, the spirit of the Melbourne will never die...