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Basic Information

1) Do not kill off or injure another player's character without permission!
2) Don't play superhero! Don't act as if you can stop anything.
3) When creating your character, you may not be a race such as Q or changling!
4) If you are having person problems with another crew member bring it to me, not into the SIM.
5) For a post to be counted it must move the story along in some way.
6) All posts should occur on our Message Board!
7) The Melbourne allows a wide variety of posting types, including script and novel.
8) I reserve the right to demote or punish members under Bravo Fleet General Orders.

Posting Requirements

Please keep in mind that these are MINIMUM requirements. If your aiming for a promotion, either rank or position-wise, you should AT LEAST try to post one or two above minimum.

CO and CO: As much as needed to keep the story going.
Senior Staff: 2 posts a week (excluding CO, and XO.)
All other positions: 1 post a week