Welcome aboard the USS Melbourne

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Bio of the USS Melbourne's Executive Officer

Personal Information:

Real Name: H. Lane
AOL IM: Shinjin Ryuko

Sim Experience:

USS Shadow, Chief Medical Officer
USS Melbourne, Executive Officer

Character Information:

Character Name: Melanie J. Sorenson
Character Species: Human
Character Gender: Female
Character Age: 27
Character Date of Birth: ??/??/2352
Character Height: 5'8"
Character Weight: ???
Character Eye Color: ???
Character Hair Color: ???
Character Birthplace: New Berlin Colony

Physical Characteristics: ???

Personality: ???

Pre-Acadamy History: Born on New Berlin Colony to Starfleet officers, Melanie quickly acclimated herself to the constant changes that a life in Starfleet had to offer. Growing up on the USS Lincoln she pushed her way to the position of “stand-by” shuttle pilot. Although the responsibilities and demands were far from heavy she took every opportunity to log as much flight time as she possibly could.

Academy History: With acceptance to Starfleet academy, Melanie moved up the ranks in all of the Flight control navigational course programs and was later accepted into Delta Squadron, one of Starfleet’s elite core of pilots. Her natural Leadership skills and ability to think quickly and adapt at a moments notice drew the attention of Starfleet Academy professers who prompted her to certify herself in their officer leadership programs. Melanie served as Team leader for Delta Squadron her Junior and Senior year and upon graduation was offered a commission on several Federation Vessels

Starfleet History: Melanie is currentlly serving aboard the USS Melbourne as Executive Officer

Hobbies and Intrests: Melanie loves to fly anything she can get her hands on, She feels the most comfortable in the cockpit of a small craft whether it be a runabout or a shuttle. Melanie has also been known to be an adrenaline junkie and loves participating in extreme sports.


Father: Commander Marcus Sorenson served as First Officer aboard the USS Wissink *KIA* during the invasion of cardassia to liberate cardassians from Dominion rule
Mother: Lt Commander Stephanie Sorenson serving as Chief CONN officer USS Vendetta
Brother: Lt. Matthew J. Sorenson served as Security/ tactical Officer aboard the USS Intimidator. Status M.I.A. after theIntimidator’s destruction at the hands of Reman dissidents in Romulan space during Federation and Romulan peacetalks.
Sister: Lt Sarah Sorenson serving as Chief medical officer aboard the USS Shadow