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Bio of the Marine Detachment Commander

Name: Matthew Garraty
Rank: - Marine Captain
Position: Marine Detachment Commander
AIM Screen Name: KenoJedi
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Height: 5 feet 10 inches
Weight: 182 pounds
Birthday: ????
Birthplace: Omaha Nebraska, Earth
Age: 35 Years Old
Hobbies: Matt possesses a fine baritone voice, which he can sing with, and sometimes uses for business purposes.
Languages Spoken: Federation Standard
Known Family: Mother: Tamara Lynn Garraty 
Father: Robert Davis Garraty 
Siblings: John Randolph Garraty (Older Brother, Lt. Cmdr. Starfleet HQ Security) 
Philip Charles Garraty (Younger Brother, Police Academy Cadet)
Service Record: Under Construction...
Biography: Brief History: 
Pre-Starfleet Marine Corps: 

Matthew (Matt), was born in the historical quarter of the Omaha-Lincoln metroplex in Nebraska, almost dead center in the middle of the North American Continent, to Robert and Tamara Garraty. Matt's father is a retired Police Officer and his mother the department head for agricultural research at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. 

Matt's early years were good ones. He was above average in school, did well in sports and was generally well liked by most. 

After high school, he attended the Virginia Military Institute, where one of the courses he attended, Advanced Platoon Tactics, was taught by one Maj. Chase Havoc of the SFMC. Who was teaching as a guest intructor, that year? 

Once Matt had graduated from V.M.I., he entered the Sol Defense force, commissioned as a 2nd Lt. 

As an officer in the S.D.F., Matt's job was a tedious one...training...training...once and a while boarding a ship carrying contraband...training...patrolling streets after a natural disaster...training...and more training. 

When the war with the Dominion broke out, 1st Lt. Garraty knew that his place was not with the S.D.F. 

He wanted to be where the action was! 

But he was stuck as far away from the lines as he could be. And worse, he had found he was considered indispensable in his unit. He tried to make an inter-service transfer, but try as he might, his CO would block the transfer. 

Time past, and with it, the war was passing him by. 

Finally, out of desperation, Matt contacted his old college instructor. 

And Lt. Col. Chase Havoc was able to pull some strings. 

Starfleet Marine Corps: 

After completing the required Officer Training School and taking a reduction in rank, 2nd Lt. Matthew Davis Garraty SFMC, was on his way! Sadly, his friend and benefactor was killed in a massacre, that has since been hush hush (though it has been rumored that Lt. Col. Havoc and his troops were murdered by their CO). 

Matt caught the end of the war, participating in a couple of actions and doing well in them. 

As the years passed, he trained more, fought when the Marine Corps called for it, gained promotions and grew to the kind of Marine he is today.
Personality: When not on duty Matt is a bit laid back, and quite sociable. For a Marine (and as we know Marines tend to keep to themselves), he is very approachable. 

When on duty and aboard ship or in garrison, Matt is formal with both his superiors and subordinates, though if talking alone with certain personnel, he might use their first names (if he is already on such bases with that person). He is a believer in delegation of authority and is a real stickler for maintaining the chain of command. He expects excellence from his troops and tries to always be the best example to his troops that he can be. 

When in combat, Matt is always calm and very level headed. He tends to lean on the aggressive side tactically (why move backward went the enemy is in front). He puts great faith in the abilities of his officers and enlisted men.

Sometime after joining the SFMC, Matt was trained as a sniper (not so much to become one, but, as part of his officer training, so that he would really understand the role of the sniper in combat). This lead to an interest in high accuracy marksmanship, mostly with single shot blackpowder long rifles. 

Matt is an avid reader and even owns a small but nice collection of books (most replicated). He reads most anything and over the years may read the same book several times over. Ofcourse, he enjoys the computers extensive library.

Bravo Fleet Awards: None