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Bio of the USS Melbourne's Fighter Wing Leader

Personal Information:

Real Name: Greg Sturtz
AOL IM: Trunker021 or Xibar995
ICQ: 23283832
Country: United States

Sim Experience:

Veteran of numerous muds, including Immortal in Charge of Role-play (Astrya)

Character Information:

Character Name: Morrilus G. Corrus
Character Species: Human
Character Gender: Male
Character Age: 33
Character Date of Birth: ??/??/2346
Character Height: 5'9"
Character Weight: ???
Character Eye Color: ???
Character Hair Color: ???
Character Birthplace: New Phoenix City, Mars

Physical Characteristics: ???

Personality: Corrus has an odd mix of personality attributes, varying from a very relaxed stated normally to a very intense state in battle. He prefers afternoons and evenings to the morning. He also knows how to get a job done, though he also knows how to have fun when it is warranted.

Pre-Acadamy History: Born in New Phoenix City, Mars, Morrilus Corrus was raised in a home with one younger brother. His father was a ‘Colony’ administrator while his mother was a part time merchant of antiques. As being the son of a couple of fairly well off ‘Martians’, Morrilus had a fairly easy life in the beginning. He was an avid reader as a child, picking up a love a history and a brand of fiction called alternate or speculative history fairly early. His biggest interest was 20th century aviation. His adoration of books and his tendency to imagine being a 20th century jet or prop-driven pilot got him picked on often.
Luckily, as Morrilus got older, his love of books became more accepted…likely aided by the fact that he started getting bigger sooner than the other kids. At about the age of 12, he started also getting interested in sports, especially ambu-jitsu and hoverball. This interested also helped him get into great shape, bulking him up and defining his muscles, not doubt helping him win acceptance among his younger peers. His love of sports, tactics and military history brought him to the decision that he wanted to be in Starfleet. Where else could he have the chance to use his tactical skills and perhaps become part of history?

Academy History: He had a fairly easy time at the Academy, already being in good shape, an avid reader and having an above average tactical skill to make up his weakness in the hard sciences. After advanced training on Mars, he was placed aboard the USS Tolstoy as a Junior Tactical officer as his first assignment.

Starfleet History: Ensign Corrus became fast friends with a member of the nursing staff of the Tolstoy. He and Miss Sarah Mac Neilly fell in love not too long after that. It was not a long-lived romance though as four days before Morrilus was to propose to Sarah, the Tolstoy was ordered to her destruction at Sector Wolf359 by the Borg. During the battle, Corrus was injured and jettisoned before the Tolstoy was destroyed, while his beloved Sarah was not so lucky.

The injury caused to his neck was massive, complicated by the severe injury of the loss of the one woman he’d truly loved. After his physical aliments were finally healed, he still had to deal with his mental wounds…in doing so, he resigned and became a dealer of antiques in the Sol system. He missed the service, but the hole in his heart by the loss of his love mate it unbearable to him to return. When word of a new threat to the Federation in the form of the Dominion, he was quick to rejoin the
fleet. After that, he was order to enroll in the “Special Weapons Training” courses on Mars’ Shipyards.

After his training, he spent a bit of time at Starfleet Tactical. After a few months after theoutbreak of the Dominion War, he was transferred to the USS Tucson as a “Tactical Advisor.” The title was given because Starfleet didn’t quite know if it could trust a man who left it for so long for the reasons he did. Knowing of his skills, the Captain unofficially assigned Corrus to the fighter wing on his ship. After a successful tour and the end of the war, Corrus seemed to regain his sense of adventure and Starfleet’s sense of trust. After one more stint at SFHQ, he was reassigned to the USS Cochrane as a
Tactical officer, shortly after which he was assigned command of her fighter squadron. After a number of adventures, USS Cochrane, and Mr. Corrus were reassigned to serve at Xavier Fleet Yards. Not wanting to be tied down by a ship yards, he requested reassignment to the USS Melbourne.

Hobbies and Intrests: Reading about and reliving on Holodecks 20th Century History, Rock and Roll from the late-20th to the first days of the 21st century, Ale.


Father: Thadious Mikhail Corrus
Mother: Melissa Michelle Davis-Corrus
Brother: Gustov Mitchell Corrus
Sister: None