Welcome aboard the USS Melbourne

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Bio of the USS Melbourne's Chief Engineering Officer

Personal Information:

Real Name: Daniel Wei
AOL IM: xin wei91
YIM: xin_wei91
MSN: trekky-091
Country: United States

Sim Experience:


Character Information:

Character Name: Ransom Will
Character Species: Human
Character Gender: Male
Character Age: 26
Character Date of Birth: 03/15/2353
Character Height: 6'
Character Weight: ???
Character Eye Color: Brown
Character Hair Color: Black
Character Birthplace: Earth

Physical Characteristics: Smart man, Brown eyes, black hair and like to carry a phaser

Personality: Ransom likes to play video games and create holodocks play. Favorite food is chocolate ice-cream. Favorite job is engineering.

Pre-Acadamy History: Will trained hard to be an Engineer because he admire his father, Cheif Engineer of USS Nightgale but now he is an admiral; so Will did everything he could to be an engineering officer

Academy History: Will went to starfleet academy twice (Tangofleet Academy and Starfleet Defensive Task Force Academy. First time, he did not passed the Starfleet test for Engineers but later he did. He work often as a team with other engineers and always help others in the academy.

Starfleet History: Will is assigned as a Starfleet engineer on Starbase 396 and later he was assigned as a Cheif Engineer Officer on USS Melbourne B.

Hobbies and Intrests: Engineering; Fighting; Games


Father: Will, Rex - Admiral; Starbase 396
Mother: Will, Asl