Welcome aboard the USS Melbourne

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Bio of the USS Melbourne's Assistant Chief Tactical/Security Officer

Personal Information:

Real Name: Wanda Pushmaker
AOL IM: xin wei91
Country: United Kingdom

Sim Experience:

1 month of Bravo Fleet simming.

Character Information:

Character Name: Colian Rex
Character Species: Human/Borg
Character Gender: Female
Character Age: 21
Character Date of Birth: ??/??/2358
Character Height: ???
Character Weight: ???
Character Eye Color: ???
Character Hair Color: ???
Character Birthplace: Threx

Physical Characteristics: ???

Personality: Colian like candies and milk. Her friends call her Eye of the Storm because she is careful at her works. She never make mistakes maybe because of her Borg traits.

Pre-Acadamy History: Colian was born on a planet called Thex as a human, later she was assimlated by Borg. In 2369, Starfleet doctors put her under intense suergery and made Colian a human again but yet she is still part of borg. She was called the Eye of the Storm because she is careful at anything.

Academy History: He had a fairly easy time at the Academy, already being in good shape, an avid reader and having an above average tactical skill to make up his weakness in the hard sciences. After advanced training on Mars, he was placed aboard the USS Tolstoy as a Junior Tactical officer as his first assignment.

Starfleet History: In 2370, she joined Starfleet. Rear-Admiral Hex (her father) later appointed her as Assistant Helm officer on board USS Equinox. When Equinox is destoryed by USS Voyager in the Delta Quadrant, she is the only person that has surrived.

Hobbies and Intrests: Music.


Father: Admiral Hex
Mother: Lt jr. Hex (Died when Colian is at the age of 2)
Brother: None
Sister: Ensign Hex